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  • Data recovery & data backup
  • PC troubleshooting & maintenance
  • Motherboard repair
  • Screen repair
  • Game console repair
  • Professional Web design & business cards
  • Leaflet design and advertisements

We repair all types of Microsoft Operating Systems, Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.


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Moving to another town is always pretty stressful, but at the same time exciting. You can never be sure what to expect so there is room both for surprises and disappointments. For that reason, I felt a bit anxious arriving in Maidenhead. I tried to prepare myself for the move. I made a list of things to pack and made sure I had everything I needed. Unfortunately my laptop broke the day before. I was terrified. I keep most of my personal data on my computers as well as photographs and scanned documents. I almost fainted when I realized I was not able to turn my laptop on. Consequently, the first place I visited after my arrival was not the most popular tourist attraction. I immediately headed toward a place specializing in laptop repair in Maidenhead. The staff was very polite and understanding, which, as I assume, was not easy as laptop-related problems always turn me into a drama queen. I never expected I would start my "new" life in Maidenhead with a laptop repair. I hope it will be the first and the last difficulty I come across in this town.

I honestly believed my move to Maidenhead would be a piece of cake. Apparently I was wrong. Today the technician called to tell me I would need to pay extra for data recovery. To make matters worse, there were my summer holiday photos from Bali on my laptop. I haven’t made any copies yet so if they are not able to get them back, I will cry for weeks. Data recovery is one of the most stressful experiences of my life. And to think a group of strangers is probably going through my personal information stacked on my computer right now! Gosh, I really hope they will not see my summer photographs. I put on some weight before the trip and I would prefer to avoid showing myself in swimsuit to the public, even if it is only on a photograph. Still I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am not losing faith in the skills of Maidenhead specialists. And if they fail, I need to start making extra copies just in case. I don’t want to stress myself over data recovery again!

I got another call from laptop repair company in Maidenhead. They managed to save my data. As I was picking my laptop up, they were looking at my strangely, which proves the technicians must have seen my summer photographs from Bali. Still I came back home smiling. But not for long. I wanted to surf the Internet but it turned out I was not able to deal with WiFi Network Setup. I read the instruction but it seemed to be written in some forbidden language! I spend five long hours over WiFi Network Setup manual but there were no results, apart for my boredom. The first hour was not that bad but after the fourth I reached hysteria. It was too late to call the specialist so, in an act of desperation, I decided to ask one of my new neighbors for help. My next-door neighbor agreed to check up on my computer. I was embarrassed when he told me it was all my fault – I pressed the key blocking WiFi connection. I will never speak to anyone in this block of flats! The feeling of shame will follow me forever…

Day before yesterday I got a text message from my brother. He had a fight with his girlfriend so he decided to visit me in Maidenhead and cool off. I was happy to see him again. I planned showing him the best tourist attractions in the area. Unfortunately, sightseeing was not on my brother’s mind. He came to my place with his game console and immediately asked me to take him to a place offering game console repair. Apparently his sweetheart could not stand him constantly playing games and one evening she broke his precious machine in two. My brother was heart-broken (and not because of his girlfriend I must add). We walked around the town and manage to find a shop with game console repair on offer. However, after seeing the broken piece they said there was nothing they could do apart from recommending my brother the purchase of a new console. My brother bought another machine and spent the rest of his stay in Maidenhead playing games. I start to understand his girlfriend…

I decide to do more to promote myself in Maidenhead. After all, if I want to stay here for good I need to try more. My next step is to invest in a professional banner on a popular web page devoted to the town. I asked one of my friends who knows much about advertising to help me to make the decision. He recommended me a web page visited by hundreds people every single day. I am still not sure how to organize it but I am positive I will manage. I enjoy living in Maidenhead, although I haven’t been here for long. My neighbors are friendly and they make me feel at home. The weather is probably the only aspect of living here I do not like, but I guess I will get used to it sooner or later. Besides if my idea with the banner works, I will earn enough money to travel to some hot country. Maybe Egypt?

Again there is an obstacle on my way. I was happy and joyful but this morning it turned out my laptop did not want to cooperate with me. First it was slow. Then it started to shut down time after time again without any warnings. I obviously need laptop upgrade and I assume this may cost a bit. Just when I decided to save up some cash to travel later… I think before I go to a professional company and ask for the cost of laptop upgrade, I will try to show my computer to my handsome neighbor. His help is for free. Besides, it has been a while since I last saw him. It is about time we met again. But in this case I need to do something with my hair first. I am not risking him seeing me in such a terrible condition. There are many interesting men in Maidenhead for sure, but this one is really special and I definitely do not want to scare him away.

After a day out with my new friend Pawel I feel like a new person. Unfortunately, my credit card is not in the best condition after our shopping spree but at least I am the proud owner of senselessly high red heels. I don’t think I will have an opportunity to wear them but still the awareness of owning them makes me happy. While shopping I got to know Pawel better. He is a PC Home Advisor. At least this is what his business card says. I have no idea what a PC Home Advisor does exactly but his company is pretty successful and soon they are will open a new department in two other cities. Pawel was born in Poland and he promised to take me to all the best restaurants in Maidenhead. I cannot wait. Since I arrived here, I have been eating fast food mainly and I can tell it did some harm to my body I used to be so proud of. But I will work on it!

Life is full of surprises. Just when I managed to forget about my lovely neighbor, he appeared suddenly in my apartment. He brought me a business card of his friend who deals with Toshiba repairs. According to my neighbor, I have such bad luck with my computer, I should have a contact with a professional. We drank coffee together and he told me more about this Toshiba repairs guy. Apparently he is from Canada but came here to study few years ago. Then he met a girl from Maidenhead and decided to stay for good. They broke up but, as his business was flourishing, Bill (that is his name) did not go back to Canada. He bought a big house in the town and now is considering opening a luxurious hotel. I hope he will succeed! I have never stayed in a really luxurious hotel but I am sure I would love it. I did not dare to ask about the mysterious girl but I am not losing my hope. Not yet!

My new Internet friend turned out to be extremely fun in reality. Mary is very determined to polish her computing skills. Her boyfriends owns a place offering laptop repairs in Berkshire. She is so stubborn and never asks him for help. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn't even bother to go to a computer course. However, Mary wants to prove to her boyfriend she is as smart as he is. Besides, she cannot go to Berkshire every time she needs a laptop repair. I believe we will have much fun studying together because Mary likes the same music as me and is a devoted fan of The Ravens. I cannot believe she loves that band too. So far I have never met anyone who would adore them in the same way I do. It is all so exciting!

Today Mary called me with some good news. When I heard it I couldn't stand up. She won tickets to The Ravens' concert this Saturday thank to some promotional contest organized by company specializing in DELL repairs. I was so surprised. I mean what do DELL repairs have in common with the best rock band ever? I guess the person who came up with this amazing promotion must have an amazingly good music taste. The best part is that Mary decided to take me with her. I will not have to pay for the tickets so I can spend some money on a proper dress. It will be the best day of my life. I can't wait to tell it to my sister. She loves The Ravens to and she will be green with envy.

Today is the day - me and Mary are going to see The Ravens! But, as it usually happens, everyone decided to bother me on this very day! My aunt called today as she needs computer fix. I have no idea why my family thinks that I am the specialist on searching for such services. First of all my computing skills are still very limited and second of all, it is enough to open a newspaper and check the computer fix section! I cannot think about helping others right now. In few hours I will be admiring the best musicians in the world. I invested much in my new dress so I hope Graham Keer will at least glance at me from the stage. I know the music hall will be packed but I will reach the first row. I simply have to see everything from up close! The Ravens - here I go!

I cannot believe it! Men are so senseless. Poor me, I hope I will forget about my bad experience soon. During The Ravens concert I met the cutest guy ever. He seemed nice. At least at the beginning. He said he was working for Sony VAIO repairs shop here in Maidenhead. Ok, maybe not the best profession ever but it is profitable and definitely has a potential. So the next day me and Chuck went out for dinner. I was so happy for but it turned out I should have been worried instead. Chuck talked exclusively about Sony VAIO repair market in Maidenhead. He is obsessed. Basically I didn't even have to be there. I am sure he would be happy spending the evening just thinking about the repairs. At the beginning I was at least trying to listen but after few minutes I stopped. There was no point. I respect my time and I am not willing to waste it for senseless conversations. I enjoy dating but situations like this really discourage me. Are there any normal men in Maidenhead? I am losing my hope. I need to call Mary and report everything.

Mary is a very good friend. When I called her she offered to come immediately, although she was just in the middle of the meeting with Packard Bell repairs representative. Her boyfriend wants to develop his business and is looking for new partners. However, she proved to be a real friend and instead of listening about Packard Bell repairs opportunities in Maidenhead she arrived at my place. We opened a bottle of good wine and gossiped. Her company really cheered me up. Besides Mary thinks I shouldn't give up on Maidenhead men. There must be more cuties there! And my friend has a plan to set me up with Mr. Right. I was kind of depressed but now I am starting to get excited again. Who knows, maybe I will meet someone worth stating in Maidenhead for. I have few new dresses and it is high time somebody appreciated how good I look in them.

I found an interesting webpage about hardware installation. I decided to spend some time developing my computing skills and I decided to start with something easy. Of course I can always ask a specialist for help or attend a course but I have two days off so I can try to do something on my own. I was surprised by the number of professional webpages devoted to hardware installation. After reading realized it is not as complicated as it seems. Luckily most instructions are accompanied with photographs which makes my life so much easier. I don't have to try imagine the process of installation. It is enough to look at the pics and everything becomes clear and simple. If I manage to master this skill I will be so proud. There are many things I can do and I do it well but now it is time to face activities I have been trying to avoid my whole life. Well, not anymore!

Well, life definitely does not stop surprising me. I almost forgot the Sony VAIO repair guy, but he surely did not forget me! He kept on calling and calling and in the end I decided to give up and gave him another chance. I knew it was probably a hopeless case but at least I would not have to pay for the dinner. So we went to a restaurant, a quite good one I must admit. At the very beginning I told him I didn't want any talks about any repairs, screen repairs included. He was a bit surprised and could not understand what I could possibly have against screen repairs. It took me some time but I managed to explain to him my knowledge about anything connected to computers is extremely limited and last time I barely knew what he was talking about. It turned out he was simply so stressed he tried to talk about the only thing he was really good at. That made me feel better - so he does have other hobbies after all! After the date was over I did not regret going at all. Chuck is actually fun and interesting. I am so glad gave him a second chance. Next week he is going to take me to a IT conference. And if I don't like it, he will take me dancing later. So no matter what I will survive all these lectures to see Chuck dance afterwards!

That was the longer conference I have ever been to. The topic was Toshiba troubleshooting. Why do I have to suffer so much? I actually hoped it would be something I would at least have a slight idea about. I was wrong. Apparently do not understand the issue of Toshiba troubleshooting. The thing was everyone else in Maidenhead Conference Hall seemed to be interested in this matter. People were really excited. Some even took notes! Chuck felt sorry for me. He explained he needs to take part in such events as it is related to his work. Of course I understand that. I just hope he will not make me go to another conference ever again. Anyway, later we went dancing to a newly open club in Maidenhead called "Coocoo Palace". It was nice and the music was perfect for dancing. We danced so much next day I had problems with walking. Chuck is a good dancer and I could see the amazement on other people's faces as we got crazy on the dance floor. He promised he would take me out dancing next weekend as well and I am excited. No computer talks, just pure fun. I am a lucky girl after all!

Today I started working on my hardware installation skills. However, later Chuck decided to pay me a visit and suggested, as I was already in front of my computer, we can work on software installation instead. I am not a person who rejects free lessons so naturally I said yes. I must admit Chuck is a good teacher. Before we started I knew nothing about software installation but after few hours I felt like a specialist. It is not as difficult as I expected. All you need is patience and clear mind. I think I finally stopped being afraid of the computers. I know it was silly but I guess it is natural to avoid the things you do not feel confident enough about. I need to call my father and tell him about my success. And I also need to speak to mum and tell her all about Chuck. She adores gossip and I have so much to tell. It's a pity she is not in Maidenhead and we cannot talk about my new potential boyfriend over coffee but a phone call will do.

Life couldn’t get any better. I never expected I would meet such a great guy. And now, as I gave all this IT thing a chance, I actually start to enjoy it. Yesterday Chuck introduced me to his friend who is a journalist for a specialist magazine. At the moment he is dealing with graphics repairs. According to him this area is developing very fast. We are turning away from less advanced solution and choose more attractive and appealing ones. But of course even modern technology is bound to cause troubles and for that reason so many people look for companies offering graphics repairs. I personally never had this problem but I guess there is time for everything. Bill, the journalist, told me he finds his job extremely interesting mainly because of the people he meets on the daily basis. He thinks or IT specialists are very creative and have amazing imagination. I guess it must be true. After all, they invent such extraordinary things. I could never come up with half of the things the design almost every day.

Last weekend was full of surprises. First my mum called to inform me about her unexpected visit. I soon realized the only reason she wanted to see me was to check up on Chuck. I told her about him of course but that was no enough. She had to see him with her own eyes. So later that evening we sat down to dinner and that was when I almost got a heart attack. My mother, a woman who knows nothing about technology, initiated a conversation about HP help. I couldn’t believe my ears but my mum just went on about HP help and sounded very professional. Chuck enjoyed this conversation and they completely forgot about me. I was shocked. Later when me and my mum were washing the dishes she admitted she had read few articles to have something to talk to. She knew about Chuck’s interests and really wanted to impress him. And she succeeded. To be honest, my mother surprised me in the best way possible. She is a real sweetheart!

My good mood is far from over and I cannot stop smiling. Chuck is totally in love with my mum. She said she impressed him with her knowledge about HP help and screen repairs. I didn’t even noticed when she mentioned screen repairs. I have no idea how much time she spent on preparation, but she definitely made a stand. Now I am feeling not educated enough. If my mother can discuss IT, I should get down to learning myself. It seems that all people around me are IT obsessed. If my mum enjoys it, I guess everyone else does. When I was a child we barely talked about technology. I got my first computer when I was maybe ten and it was huge compared to my baby laptop I am using today. How the time flies. I cannot even imagine what kind of equipment will my children use. That will be a completely different story. So I should better stay updaed!

I guess I was too happy and apparently life cannot resemble a fairytale. My friend is getting married and I am invited. Of course I really wanted to take Chuck with me and show him off to my friends. I was so excited when I showed him the invitation but then he just hit me with the news – my dream man is leaving me for two weeks to attend a Samsung repairs seminar somewhere in Wales. I cannot believe it! I will have to go to a wedding alone just because of a Samsung repairs seminar! The reception will be very posh and I’m sure all girls will bring their amazing partners. And I will be sitting alone at my table and without a man to dance with. I bought a special dress for this event. It cost much but I look smoking in it. I’d love for Chuck to see me in it. That’s just bad luck. I tried not to complain about it to Chuck, after all we have known each other for only few weeks but the moment I heard “Samsung repairs seminar” I thought I would burst with anger. However, I managed to keep my mouth shot. After all, I am a lady.

The wedding, as I expected, was a disaster. I had a terrible mood because I was missing Chuck and apart from that I really don’t like such events, especially if I have nobody to talk to. I had no idea who most people were. Me and Melissa met at a sports camp so we don’t have many mutual friends. I was sitting next to her cousin who works for a company offering screen repairs. What’s up with these I.T. people? Am I cursed. Can I go out without coming across a screen repairs specialist or some other weirdo? Or maybe I am just exaggerating and before I did not pay attention to such things. Now whenever I turn my head I hear something about computers. Anyway my “neighbor” got drunk after two first hours and started behaving horribly. He was singing (and to be honest his voice was more than terrible). Later he simply started to take his clothes off – that was the worst. I did not know what to do. After embarrassing few hours I just ordered a taxi and headed home. I was so happy when I finally reached my home, had a hot bath and drank a glass of red wine.

I cannot believe it. The guy I saw at the wedding called me! It turned out he doesn’t do screen repairs but DELL repairs (not that it makes much difference to me, for me it makes no sense anyway). He made such a fuss during Melissa’s wedding and now he dares to ask me out! He told me we had a connection. A connection between me and some DELL repairs geek? That is a joke. Of course I told him I had a boyfriend straight away but apparently he does not understand what word “boyfriend” means. I wonder who gave him my number because it definitely was not me. I wished Chuck’s seminar would finish already. I have never been a patient person and I don’t think I will change. For now I will keep my phone off to avoid embarrassing calls. I really don’t feel like talking to some strange guy I saw only once in my life.

My story with DELL repairs guy continues and I cannot say I am happy about it. First he started waiting for me after my work. I don’t know who told him where I work but for past two weeks he has been waiting in front of my office. Of course every time I tell him I don’t want to see him but he seems not to understand it. The problem is his DELL repairs company is just around the corner so he can torture me whenever he wants. Yesterday he left flowers at my door mat. OK coming to my work is one place but to my home – it is too much. I have to seriously consider calling the police. I haven’t told Chuck yet. I know he is extra jealous so he could react too aggressively. And I prefer peaceful solutions. Maybe I should ask my mum. She always knows what to do. For now I asked my boss if I can come to the office early and finish early too. In this way I can at least avoid my “stalker”. I will prepare some efficient tactics later.

My mum was kind of terrified hearing my story. But she immediately suggested I should tell Chuck. After all he is my boyfriend and should protect me. So I listened to her advice. Chuck was surprised I didn’t tell him sooner. He has a friend who owns a console repairs shop and in his free time works as a private detective. I know how it sounds – console repairs have nothing to do with private investigating but I can try if he can helps. I mean I prefer to know what this guy is up to. Maybe he is not dangerous at all and I am just panicking but at the same time he could be a serial killer. Well, OK, I am exaggerating. Still this whole situation is not pleasant and it starts to disturb me. My friends laugh I should be happy. After all I have a stalker like a real celebrity. It does not happen often. On the other hand, I am happy with Chuck and I really don’t need attention of other men. But let’s see what this private eye can do first. Then I will worry.

The private eye turned out to be a very strange guy. He told me he has always worked in IT business. First he offered HP help to big companies, later decided to open a console repairs business. But even when he was starting with HP help he was doing extra detective jobs. I don’t get it. I mean if he is so into investigating why to waste time on IT business? But people are different. As he and Chuck are good friends he told me he will not charge me. At least not now. He has to do some “preliminary investigating” – that’s the term he used. It is OK with me. I know nothing about such things so I trust him he will do the right thing. I kind of feel like I am in James Bond movie. I stopped stressing so much. I am not alone in it so I can feel safe. Hope Chuck’s friend will sort out my little "dramatic" problem. Who would have thought life in Maidenhead can be so exciting.

The private detective who owns a console repairs shop turned out to be a cool guy. No wonder Chuck likes him. I am not happy I experienced all this stress but all in all it turned out there are some extra benefits. I went to console repairs shop to thank Jim for help. I was never interested in consoles before but my ex-private detective was very convincing. He asked me if I wanted to try my chances and play. I was not very eager. I mean I have never done it before. But it was so fun. We played “Prince of Persia”. I cannot believe I have never thought about playing a game before. Chuck joined us after work. He brought few bottles of beer and watched us playing. It was one of the best evening ever. It is actually more fun than shopping. I have a feeling I will be visiting that place more often with or without Chuck. After all I work so hard I deserve to relax too. If I can relax with my boyfriend, it is the best option there is. A console was invited by a genius!

Today Chuck had to attend some DELL repairs course in another city. I was not happy about it but I decided to use this time efficiently. I finished work early so I had some time to kill. First I called Chuck to check how’s the DELL repairs course. Then I called Jim to ask if I could visit and play some games. I came to the shop with a box of hot pizza. It was a great idea as we were both starving. Jim showed me some racing games. I was never into cars and races but I changed my mind. I am very competitive. When we start playing I turn into a real beast. I started thinking about buying my own console. I enjoy playing games in the shop but with my own console I could play all night long. Few more meetings like that and I will surely turn into a console fanatic! Maybe I should stop now before I become seriously addicted. But then it is so fun. I cannot help myself!

When Chuck returned from his DELL repairs course he not that happy to hear I was spending extra time with his friend. He said he had been working so hard during DELL repairs training while I had been wasting my time. OK I know he works hard but on the other hand it is my free time and I am allowed to use it any way I want. I must admit Chuck is a very jealous and possessive boyfriend. If nothing changes I will have to have a very serious conversation with Chuck. He cannot behave like that. Besides I did nothing wrong. He is the only man in my life and even if I spend time with somebody else, he is still my number one. Ah men! You cannot live without them but living with them is difficult as well. I will take a long hot bath to relax. And then I will call my mum. A bit of gossiping will do me some good.

I am still arguing with Chuck and I am fed up with him and this situation. We have constant fights about his friend who owns a console repair shop. I think it is insane. First of all, Chuck introduced me to him. Secondly I really started enjoying games and that is the only console repair shop I know. I was brought up to be independent and my parents never told me what to do. I am not sure I feel comfortable with this situation. I understand we are dating and I don’t really need anyone else. However, trust is very important for me. If Chuck does not trust me, our relationship is not going to work. I don’t know what to do. I should talk to my mother. She is older and more experienced. Maybe she will be able to look at the whole situation from the a different angle. Besides she is more relaxed than me. I panic too much when it comes to Chuck. But it is not a surprise. After all I am not objective.

I haven’t seen Chuck for the whole week. He had some problems with his equipment and he was looking for somebody who deals with laptop repairs. I am sorry for him but at least we did not argue as there was no opportunity. It is annoying, the laptop thing I mean. The equipment tends to break in the worst moments. Besides laptop repairs can cost much. I know Chuck does not have much money right now. He invests everything in his company. Maybe I should offer him help? But I am not sure. He is such a proud person. As a result he may get angry. At least I can offer him to use my laptop. I am so busy at work I have no time to spend my free time in front of a laptop. I think I will go to his house and try to cheer him up.

I cannot believe it. I went to Chuck’s house and I am devastated. When I entered his house I saw a woman. It was obvious they were very close. He told me she was a friend from the DELL repairs training. I am furious because I suspect they are more than friends. He claimed that DELL repairs training was so boring. Now I know he had something else to do instead of learning. I was so worried because he was jealous about his friend. And now it turns out I am the dummy because I never suspected he was seeing somebody else. I have to stop being so gullible. I meet a guy, I open myself and hope for the best. And of course later I cry. I think I will call my high school friend Holly and ask if she is up for a girls’ night out. I need to cry and gossip. She will understand me. She had few hopeless boyfriends as well. Well I will try to be strong. I am a confident girl. I can do it!

I was right! DELL repairs girl was not Chuck’s friend at all. It turned out she is his ex-girlfriend. They meet five years ago on holiday. They were both staying at the same hotel in Turkey. Apparently they had a connection from the very beginning because they moved in together a week after they came back from holiday. They were together for four years! Four years! That sounds serious. Of course Chuck doesn’t want to tell me why he broke up with DELL repairs lady. Or maybe it was the other way round? Maybe she broke up with Chuck and he is still in love with her!!!!! It is terrible. I can’t go on like this. I have already started caring for that guy. If he leaves me I will be broken-hearted. Why is it always like that. Whenever I find somebody I like I end up devastated. Maybe I will call my mum. I definitely have to talk to another woman. And she has more distance to the whole situation so maybe she will give me an objective advice.

I did not see Chuck for two days. Apparently he has problems with network installation and it is so serious he has no time for me. Well, I suspect that this "network installation" in reality is his ex-girlfriend. I cried for two days. I have already lost two kilograms and I have no idea how it will all end. I would like to be a proud person and simply change my number. But a part of me hopes we can still make it. I want to be happy and I want to be happy with Chuck. I am not saying he is the one and we have to get married next month. But I’d like to give it a chance. I will wait for few days. Maybe I will travel to the countryside to relax and chill down. Yes, that is a good idea. I need to get away from that town and think about myself and what I want. I will start packing my things and go. And I will leave my phone behind. No phone and no Internet – that will help me to clear up my mind and soul. Goodbye Maidenhead. Hope you will not miss me.

Today I arrived in the countryside and I already feel better. Some time ago when I needed a computer fix I met a boy who told me about the village he was from. I have long forgotten about this computer fix but yesterday when I was looking for a place to ran away to, I thought about him. The village is beautiful. The smell of freshly cut grass is simply stunning. The air in Maidenhead is completely different. Besides there are always cars making constant noise. Here I can enjoy myself. I rented a small room on a farm. The owners are very kind. They welcomed me with a homemade breakfast. They have few horses and said I could try horse riding. I have never done it before and I am a bit afraid. On the other hand, that can be a great adventure. But today I will focus on reading. I took two books with me. I never have time to read as much as I would like to. Now it’s my chance to catch up.

I cannot believe it all started with a computer fix and now I am in the most beautiful place ever. I’ve been living in a town for so long I completely forgot how fun it is to be close to the nature. No noise, basically no cars, people walk around slowly and with smiles on their faces. Now all my problems seem to be so insignificant. If Chuck cheats on me, that is his problem not mine, right? After all, he does not realize what he is missing. And if he lets me go, I still have a computer fix guy’s shoulder to cry on. There are plenty fish in the sae. At least that is what people say. Either way, now it is time to relax. I haven’t had time to think about myself lately. Why girls are so stupid and devote all their time to thinking about men? I am just like that but I intent to change it. I have wasted too much energy already. Here I can enjoy a completely different perspective. I have to recommend this place to my friends. They would love it!

Today new guests came. I was quite excited hoping for some good company but after 20 minutes I knew we would not get along. Apparently these people cannot live without Internet and they were constantly talking about network installation. The owners tried to explain they indeed had Internet but today there was a problem. The newcomers, however, insisted they had to call a network installation specialist. Come on, what is the point of coming to the countryside if the only thing you really want is watching movies online. They could easily survive a few days without the newest technologies. These city dwellers – they think they can expect and ask for everything. It is not fair and definitely not polite. I am happy I am not such a person. Well maybe if they don’t get the Internet, they will leave. I would not cry. I was enjoying my solitude. I am definitely better on my own than with some complaining boring people addicted to playing computer games.

Well, the owner cannot afford losing clients so today they called network installation specialist. I was so angry and sorry for them at the same time. My mood, however, got much better when I saw the network installation guy. He was young but extremely attractive. He had the most blue yes I have ever seen in my life. That is something that definitely surprised me. Unfortunately, as the owners expected, the problem with internet was not connected to the installation. There was a temporary problem with the provider and there was nothing the specialist could do. But his time was not wasted here as he invited me out for drinks to a local bar. I haven’t had a clue they have such a place here. Well, I am excited. Chuck will not be happy but there is nothing wrong in flirting.

I must say it at loud – a network installation guy is a keeper! He is one of the most fascinating guys I have ever met! And he is extra cute and sweet. Today he came to my room in the morning and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. He did not arrive on a white horse but he had his motorbike with him. I was a little bit scared at first but he is a good driver and traveling by bike offers much more freedom and excitement than a regular car. I would never expect a person specializing in network installation is interested in motorbikes. That was a nice surprise. Ok, I must be honest – I still think about Chuck but it is good I have some kind of distraction. I cannot spend my life crying after a man who is not right for me. Anyway, now I am on holiday and I want to do everything I can to relax and forget about my life in the city. The atmosphere here is completely different. I am definitely less stressed. I should consider moving to the country. Or at least buy a cottage here. Of course not now. I have too little money. But in the future, why not. Sky is the limit. It is all about the attitude.

Today my host asked me if I wanted to go to a computer repair shop in a nearby village. I was not sure if I should leave this place even for a second. On the other hand, it was a chance to see the area so I said yes. The computer repair shop was more modern than I expected. And the village itself offered many attractions. I saw few shops I should definitely visit again. The best part is the prices here are so much lower. The people seemed friendly too. I have no car here and I am not sure if there are buses. I guess I will have to ask my new friend to drive me here on a motorbike. I think he really likes me and enjoys spending time with me so he may like my idea. I saw a big bookshop in the village. I think that is a good place to visit. I love reading but I never have enough time. But here time flies differently so I finally have enough time to enjoy a good book. I finished a great crime story yesterday. Now I am up to a historical novel – long and fascinating. My hosts do not have many books at home so I will just buy few copies.

My new friend really liked the idea. And that is not all. He actually knows the owner of computer repair shop. They studied together and meet up quite often. He helped him to set up computer repair shop and works there sometimes. He went to say hello. Then I left boys alone and went for book shopping. There was plenty to choose from. I was amazed they have such great and cheap books in such a small place. The sales lady in the bookstore was very friendly and told me all the gossip about the town. I know now who dates who, who always causes trouble and which men are single. We drank coffee together. I told her about Chuck and my love drama. She showed much understanding. After all, only a woman can understand another woman. She found me some books that would definitely distract me. Gosh, I really love that place! Who would have thought!

I cannot believe the nerve some people have! Last week my friend (well actually an ex-friend now) called me to see how I was. We talked for few minutes and I told her I met an amazing guy who deals with network installation. I goshed about his good looks, splendid manners and motorbike. She seemed interested but I did not find it weird. But few days later she appeared in the village and started asking for the network installation guy. My network installation guy! I couldn’t believe it. I was informed by a lady in a local grocery store. I am not sure she found him but still – what an idea! To travel all the way from the city to steal somebody else’s sweetheart. On the other hand, I was astonished how fast gossip travels here in the country. When I got the news, I got so nervous I drank a bottle of wine alone. Then I couldn’t even read. I just went to bed early. I should be more sensible but I can’t. And to think I came here crying after one man. What is wrong with me? Life without men would be much easier.

I woke up with a hangover. I tried to use my laptop and send an e-mail to my friend and tell her what happened. Unfortunately, when I open my laptop the screen was just blank. Oh no, not only I have heart troubles but I need screen repair as well. How am I suppose to know if in this village there is a person offering screen repairs?! Well, I cannot call Chuck, he would definitely know what to do. I will not ask network installation guy for help either. Maybe he is on a date with my ex-friend already! Anyway, my laptop is not working so I cannot check any professionals online. I can ask the owner of the house. He knows every person in the village so I am sure he is the best source of information about professionals in the area. Anyway, I will not die if I spend one more day not using the laptop. I want to read more. It should relax more. Besides I did not come to the country to do the things I normally do in the city. I wanted a change so I should enjoy it 100%.

I was supposed to ask the owner of the house about screen repair but in the end I just spent the day with a good book. I started reading the biography of Walt Disney and it turned out to be much more fascinating that a screen repair. It is the best thing ever to focus on something else. As a result, I got more perspective. I would like to change something in my life. I need more inspiration. I think I have a very creative personality but don’t have enough opportunities to do it for real. Now, as I am reading much more, I have more ideas. I also have more energy to try new things. I am quite excited. I have a feeling life will surprise me soon. I feel like a completely new woman now. It sounds a bit silly but this is the way I feel right now. Who knows, maybe I will never go back to the city. Why would I? I was not happy there. Here my attitude is much more positive.

I guess I relaxed too much as today I have nothing done. But I managed to finish a very good book. Why don’t I read more often? I was thinking about a career of a writer before. Actually I feel quite inspired after those few days spent in the village. I would love to get down writing again. But what can I do now with my laptop not operating? I need to deal with screen repair first. I wonder how. I have no one to ask and in the village I haven’t seen any shops offering screen repair. Of course I can always go to a bigger town. It is only ten kilometers away and I could use a change. I could also get some new books. I have already finished reading all books I brought from home as well as those I borrowed. And when my laptop operates again, I will get down to writing. This time I am serious. No more excuses. I do not go to work now so I have time. Besides I am in a very inspirational place. Maybe I should just describe the life in a silent village. There are few personalities here. Describing them would be a challenge indeed. But I am sure people would enjoy reading it. I mean all the most interesting things happen when we don’t expect them.

Today I used the coach and travelled to a nearby town. On my own! I am not used to travelling on my own so it was a challenge. But the driver was very nice and helped me with everything. I was surprised to see the town was bigger I expected. I found Toshiba repairs place immediately. If they have a shop offering Toshiba repairs I guess this company must be popular here. Unfortunately I am apparently a typical blond as I forgot to take my laptop with me. The guys in the office were really nice but there was nothing they could do. I mean they cannot do magic without seeing the equipment first. To make long story short I have to come back here. I will not complain. I have heard they have a lovely museum here and I could use some high culture. I have to ask my host about other interesting places in the area. I should do more sightseeing. After all I am on holiday. In the bookstore I bought a book about the history of this area. I am sure after reading it I will have few ideas concerning travelling. Maybe I will somebody to check out the area with me.

Two days past and I had no time to go to the town. New guests arrived and the owners of the house asked if I could help them. The guys from Toshiba repairs already called twice. I guess they don’t have much customers if they are waiting for me with such eagerness. Anyway, first I need to deal with the newcomers. Then I go back to the town to visit Toshiba repairs place. Maybe I should exchange the equipment. This one is falling apart and I would like to avoid upcoming problems. I should also consider coming back to work but I still have few days left. Maybe I can take two weeks of unpaid holiday. I would have to talk to my boss first and to be honest, I would prefer to avoid it. I expect he will be angry. I am not good at coping with angry people. On the other hand, we’ll see. There is a chance everything goes smoothly. I should have more faith in people. And in myself of course.

Toshiba repairs guys do not give up. They call every day to see if I am still interested in their services. I try to be polite and nice but I run out of excuses. How can I explain I have no time for Toshiba repairs because I have something else on my mind. The new guests arrived and everything changed. They are a group of young professionals from a law firm who came here to relax and forget about the stress they experience at work daily. They look like a characters from some American TV series about lawyers. They look so sophisticated and successful. And it is so clear they enjoy their lifestyle. I have no friends like that so for me it is a completely new experience. Just like I am taking a part in a safari observing a new unknown form of life. I know it sounds extra silly but that is how I feel. The atmosphere in the house changed immediately when they arrived. It is more vibrant. I thought I needed a rest and more time to myself. But now I am changing my mind. Well they seem so happy and positive so there is no reason I should not try to make more sophisticated friends. I still feel a bit shy and I don’t think I will make first contact myself but maybe they will try to talk to me first.

Again I have no time to think about Toshiba repairs as the new people in the house draw all my attention. They are loud but not in a negative sense. They are so absorbing I had to time to call Toshiba repairs guys and tell them I will come later. Right now I spend countless hours sitting in my room and looking through the windows. Our new guests spend most time. So far they haven’t invited me to join them but then we have few opportunities to meet. I am mainly inside and they outside. The weather is really sunny and hot but somehow I am not ready to stroll outside trying to make friends. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am not a teenager anymore I should not be shy or embarrassed. But somehow I feel so impressed I cannot behave normally. The owners of the house noticed my strange behavior so they ask me constantly if everything is ok and if I feel OK. What am I supposed to say. I cannot really say what is the reason. I would feel even more stupid. Ok tomorrow I will try. I cannot hide in my room forever!

It is high time to act. At least that was the plan. I prepared a trick. I decided to tell them I have problems with network installation. Of course I am not sure if they have any knowledge concerning network installation. It is a risk I have to take. I will not go there and merely state I would like to hang out with them. They would laugh at me for sure. I am so nervous I couldn’t sleep at night. What is happening to me? I am a successful and fun girl. They should be happy to have a chance to meet me. I am really special. And most people who meet me enjoy my company. So what is the big deal? Why I am so shy and helpless? I should have more confidence. Maybe I should go to some kind of seminar about being more assertive. Or read a book. I cannot believe I am in this place again. But thumbs up – I can do it. I mean I have done so many things already. This won’t be more difficult.

It turned out I panicked without a reason. I made an elaborated plan about network installation but to be quite honest I didn’t even have a chance to say a word about network installation when our new guest invited me to join them. I have no words. There was so much drama, I worried like crazy and in the end they invited me! They actually send a girl to come to my room and ask if I wanted to hang out. The girl is called Joana and she is more or less my age. She works in law firm as a secretary but is studying law as well so she hopes to become a serious lawyer in future. She has amazing red hair. I thought it is not her natural color but Joana says it is! Wow. She introduced me to the rest of the group. At the beginning I felt a bit intimidated but soon the atmosphere changed completely. It was like gossiping with old friends. They were telling jokes and told me all the secrets concerning the work in corporation. I, in return, told them all the secrets connected with living in the countryside. After all I have been here for a while and I am a good observer. We made cool plans for the evening. We decided to make a barbecue and prepare some hot wine. I am so excited!

The barbecue was a perfect idea. I didn’t expect we would have so much fun. We are a group of strangers but somehow we feel comfortable together. After few hours I learn who is dating who, who enjoys having fights and who is extra energetic. I finished two glasses of wine and was tipsy enough to reveal my senseless plan involving network installation. The whole group laughed like crazy. And they informed me nobody here could ever help me with network installation. They are lawyers and deal with completely different type of troubles. They could help me if I committed a crime or had troubles with my employers but they are thick when it comes to technology. Good they did not laugh at me but with me. We played some music and danced a bit. There is one guy that I really like. He specializes in tax law. I know it does not sound that hot but it is only a job. He could work as professional model easily because he looks perfect. I wonder if he works out. He must. Or he is just naturally perfect!

Today I finally called Toshiba repairs shop and told them I would arrive in a few days. I am so not focused but I have to go there. Maybe I will ask one of new guest here to join me on my way to Toshiba repairs shop. I know it does not sound cool but the town itself is nice. Besides I am sure they would like to see the area. It is worth checking out. They all enjoy eating in restaurants. I am sure there is a restaurant in the village. I rarely go to restaurants but why not – I am still on holiday. And prices here cannot be too horrible. I am ready to try eating out. It can be inspiring. It is so great I have new people around to do things with. I was getting a bit lonely here. So many changes! I know they will stay only for a week but we may stay friends for longer. Who knows, if they like it here, they may come back. Life is so short – it is worth trying everything at least once!

Today my sister called. She was all in tears. To be quite honest I was not surprised. She is the drama queen in our family. Even small problems make her cry. She was like that even as a child. Today’s problem was silly in my opinion but not in hers. She was in desperate need of laptop repair. Ok, I get it – a broken laptop can cause much trouble. But why did she call me instead of looking for laptop repair company in her town. After all I am in different part of the country. There is nothing I can do from a distance. And I am not in a mood. She had no time to speak to me for weeks. Now she calls. Am I an emergency hot line? I have my life. I may be a bit touchy today but all this crying got me out of my balance. I finished our conversation fast and not in the nicest way. I should call and apologize. I have been very bad-tempered lately. It is not the way to treat a younger sister. But she also should not call me only when she is in trouble. I will try to sort this situation out. Not today, though. The emotions are still too strong.

I called my sister and apologized for the way I reacted hearing the laptop repair related drama. She actually managed to find a company offering laptop repairs on her own. We were talking for almost an hour. I explained to her it hurts me when she calls me only to seek advice. She in turn explained it is because I am her big sister. It is natural for her to turn to me for advice. The most important thing is we are on good terms again. Everything is all right. After long explanations we talked about our parents. Their fortieth wedding anniversary is coming so we have to buy them something special. I have no idea what. I mean they really have everything. They don’t have any specific hobbies. It is not an easy decision to make. We can always organize some kind of trip. They would enjoy a trip to the sea-side. Or maybe mountains. They like hiking and mountains at this time of year are breath-taking. I have saved some money. If we organize it well, we will find something special for sure.